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Ikonic Dance Atlanta was founded in 2013 with the desire to form a bond among all dance enthusiasts. Our goal is to unveil the awesome things happening within our dance community, where dance and fitness has grown to become a major force to be reckoned with. Ikonic Dance Atlanta is a place where anyone with an aspiration to live freely through movement will feel comfortable while receiving motivation and enjoying an excellent dance experience.

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Mission Statement

To promote healthy living through dance, fitness, and exercise while creating a fun-friendly learning environment for the aspiring dancer, professional dancer, and hobbyist alike.

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Vision Statement

To live a purposeful life with a destination in mind. Seeing beyond your current circumstance and nurturing your passions to consciously replicate a positive culture, all while taking responsibility for oneself in order to give of oneself.

I am Ikonic Dance Conventions

Ikonic Dance Atlanta started I am Ikonic Dance Conventions in 2014 and since that time Dance Conventions took place in about 35 cities all around the world.


Have you been looking for a dance program to enroll your youth in? We have just the studio to cater to your child's needs. Ikonic Youth Division features a diverse group of youth ranging from 3 to 17 years old.


Dance classes for everyone


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Conventions all around the world

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